Established in 2018

My name is Max Freeman. I am an artist blacksmith with 4 years of industry experience and am currently studying at the renowned Hereford College of Arts. I finally gained my creative freedom in 2018 when I built my own forge under the oak tree in my garden.

My inspiration and design-work stems from my love of Norse and Celtic mythology and ancient artwork. Most of my works are based off myths, stories, historic events or symbols, however, I am also inspired by a whole selection of other influences from nature to geometric designs. Each of my products is hand made and bespoke – I also accept commissions. 

I am also a part of the esteemed artist collective Northern Fire, who are made up of a unique group of practicing artists, including prominent tattooists, designers, leather-workers and craftspeople. Our artwork is used to celebrate the ancient cultures of Europe and we aim to rekindle the artistic embers of those amazing forgotten cultures into the modern world.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Max Freeman